Rules are constructed around broad classes of behavior (be safe, be responsible, be respectful) and apply in all settings. Procedures are guidance about what to do in a specific context.

How are procedures different from rules?

Rules help set expectations for behavior and provide guidance for how students should act. Procedures provide a framework for how tasks and assignments are to be completed, and how students are to interact with each other and the teacher.

What are formal rules and procedures?

Formal rules comprise all the codified laws and regulations that are issued by a legislative process or formal decree. These may be promulgated at the national, local or village level but they are generally written down somewhere. Non-formal rules on the other hand are generally unwritten.

What is the meaning of procedure and rule as a type of plan?

Procedures are designed to execute policies and achieve objectives. For example, the procedure may be for the purchase of raw material, selection of employees, redressal of grievances, etc. Rules: These are specific statements that inform what is to be done. They do not allow any flexibility or discretion.

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