No.1- Calculation of Gross pension= Early Retirement Penalties=Future Increase  =Family pension=Pension in case of re-employment/appointment after retirement +Multiple pensions+ Annual Increase in Pension+

Family Pension

The document also proposes that a family’s pension, after the death or disentitlement of the guardian, shall only be admissible to remaining entitled family members for a maximum period of 10 years. Provided that in case of Shuhada pension, the maximum period for entitled family members will be 20 after the death or dis-entitlement of spouse;
In case of Disabled Special Children of a Pensioner, the family pension shall remain admissible for life of such children.
Special family pension should not be disturbed (as per PM’s assistance package) due to the prevailing sensitive environment, special protection to the families of in-service deceased/shuhada families needs to be given.
The increase in pension 17.5% as mentioned at para-1 above will also be admissible to the pensioners who would retire on or= after 01.07. 2023. For the purpose of admissibility of increase in pension sanctioned in this O.M. the term “Net Pension” means “Pension being drawn” minus “Medical Allowance
Family pension overhaul Under the new rules, eligible family members will receive pension payments for a period of ten years upon the death of the pensioner. However, heirs of martyrs will see an extension of their family pension period to 20 years, with lifetime family pensions maintained for special needs children.

What are the New Pension Rules in Pakistan 2023?

Under the new proposal, government employees shall be entitled to a gross pension, which is 70% of average pensionable emoluments (base salary) drawn during the last thirty-six months of service, prior to retirement.

What is the pension rule in Pakistan?

The minimum length of service required for pension is ten years while for the gratuity the required length of service is five years or more but less than 10 years. a. Classes of Pension: i. Superannuation Pension: Granted on completion of age of superannuation which presently is 60 years under the law.

At what Age Pension is Doubled in Pakistan?

75 years

LAHORE, April 24: Punjab Ombudsman Javed Mehmood has ordered double pension to all Pensioners Crossing the age of 75 years without any discrimination.

What is the Formula for Pension in Pakistan?

Last Pay Drawn* X 7/300 X length of service of the retiring government servant. admissible if the government servant / deceased government servant was holding the post on regular basis at the time of Retirement or death as the case may be.

Pension taxable in Pakistan?

All benefits received from the EOBI on retirement or death are not taxed. Lump-sum benefit from Voluntary Pension System is exempt however, pension payments are taxed.

How much Pension does a Widow get in Pakistan?

family pension at the rate of 50% of the pension (net or gross), as the case may be will be paid to the widow or sons or daughters. servant. (A female Government servant can exclude her husband from being a member of her family). He will be entitled to the Family Pension for life or till re marriage.

How much Pension does a Widow get in Pakistan?

Who gets pension in Pakistan?

Wife or Wives in case of male government servant; b) Husband in case of female government servant; c) Children of the government servant; d) Widow or widows and children of a deceased son of the government servant; 2. The grant of family pension (Gratuity and Pension) is regulated under Rules 4.6, 4.7 and 4.10 ibid

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