How are Teachers Viewed in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, teachers are generally perceived to have less authority and power as compared to other occupational groups such as Police, Customs Department, Revenue Department, Central Superior Services (CSS) Officers, etc. and hence they lack professional pride. Values of commitment and honesty.

Respect and Value for teachers in Pakistani society holds significant cultural and traditional value. Teachers are generally held in high esteem and are considered as important figures who contribute to the intellectual and moral development of individuals and the society as a whole. Here are some key points regarding the respect for teachers in Pakistani society:

  1. Cultural Tradition: Pakistan has a strong cultural tradition of respecting elders, scholars, and teachers. This respect is deeply ingrained in societal norms and values.
  2. Role of Education: Education is highly valued in Pakistani society, and teachers are seen as the facilitators of knowledge and learning. As such, they are accorded respect for their role in shaping the future generations.
  3. Authority and Guidance: Teachers are often viewed as authority figures and guides who not only impart academic knowledge but also provide moral and ethical guidance to students.
  4. Influence of Islam: Pakistan being a predominantly Muslim country, Islamic teachings emphasize the importance of seeking knowledge and respecting those who impart it. This further reinforces the respect for teachers in the society.
  5. Professional Courtesy: There is a general expectation for students and parents to show courtesy and respect towards teachers both inside and outside the classroom.
  6. Celebrations and Recognition: Events such as Teacher’s Day are celebrated in Pakistan to honor and appreciate the contributions of teachers to the society. Additionally, various awards and recognitions are given to outstanding educators as a token of appreciation.

Despite the overall respect for teachers in Pakistani society, there may be instances where this respect is not adequately demonstrated, particularly in cases of systemic issues such as low teacher salaries, lack of resources in educational institutions, or instances of teacher misconduct. However, the cultural reverence for teachers remains a significant aspect of Pakistani societal values.

What is the {C E T} Code of Ethics for Teachers in Pakistan?

{C C T} Code of Conduct for Teachers

Teacher is therefore expected to be kindhearted, considerate, benevolent and decently attired. All teachers recognize and act upon the fact that they are working in a team and are collectively responsible for the good order of the school and the safety of students at all times.

Finally What are the {V R T} Values and Respect of Teachers?

Teachers play a Crucial Role in shaping the future of Society by educating and guiding the next generation. When teachers are respected, they are more likely to feel valued and appreciated, which can improve their job satisfaction and overall well-being.


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