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“Welcome to Tour TV! Join me on an exciting journey through the heart of Chicago as we explore the iconic Millennium Park and the bustling Michigan Avenue. In this episode, we’ll wander through the picturesque landscapes of Millennium Park, admiring its famous attractions such as the Cloud Gate, Crown Fountain, and Jay Pritzker Pavilion. As we stroll along Michigan Avenue, known as the Magnificent Mile, we’ll soak in the vibrant atmosphere of this premier shopping and dining destination. Get ready to immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and stories of these iconic Chicago landmarks. Don’t forget to hit subscribe and join me for more adventures on Tour TV!”

Iconic The Bean Cloud Gate Statue The Park itself is free Exploring Chicago

The Bean is 33 feet high, 42 feet wide, and 66 feet long. It weighs about 110 tons — roughly the same as 15 adult elephants.

  1. The Bean
  2. Crown Fountain
  3. Lurie Garden
  4. Jay Pritzker Pavilion
  5. Boeing Galleries

Cultural Affairs and Special Events

Creatives and expands access to the Arts throughout Chicago’s 77 Neighborhoods.

Discover an Urban Icon of Beauty and Culture

Everyone is welcome to access and Enjoy Millennium Park Chicago.

The Bean Cloud Gate in Chicago The Bean is located in Millennium Park, the Lakefront Park in Chicago’s Downtown Loop. Cloud Gate Aka The Bean is one of Chicago’s most popular sights. The monumental work of art anchors Downtown Millennium Park and reflects the city’s famous skyline and the surrounding green space. And now, The Bean can even help you plan your trip to Chicago

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