Equality of Rights – Security of rights – Liberty for everyone

Everyone gets the same Legal Rights and same amount of Protection from unnecessary & illegal and unreasonable charges and treating same despite of religion, color, race languages etc

A legal Rights as an interest accepted and protected by LAW and Constitution .

Any debasement of any legal rights is punishable by LAW.

Legal Rights affect every citizen.

Legal Rights refers to RIGHTS according to LAW of Land

It exists under the rules of some particular LEGAL system

Legal Rights is a claim recognizable and enforceable at LAW.

The Legal Rights & Legal Remedy correlative. Conjunction, Children

Legal Rights

The Rights to be fundamental, freedom of thoughts of innocent or Accused person until or unless proven guilty from Courts of LAW

The Legal Rights to have a fair and impartial or ceased trial in Court of LAW.

The Legal Rights not to be ceased , cruel and unusual punishment.

Five types of Legal Rights in Canada


Judges’ decisions, order, and judgments are what creates the Indian Judicial System in Canada.

1- Cicil Law system

2- Common Law system

3- Customary Law system

4 – Religious Law system

5 – Mixed Law system.

Those five type of Legal Rights system are there.


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